Make an explicit commitment to reduce suicide deaths

Taking the Organizational Self-Study

About the Organizational Self-Study

The Zero Suicide Organizational Self-Study is designed to allow you to assess what core elements of safer suicide care your organization currently has in place. The self-study can be used early in the launch of a Zero Suicide initiative to assess organizational strengths and weaknesses and to develop a work plan. While the self-study is not exhaustive with regard to all issues that can affect patient care and outcomes, it reflects the core components that define the Zero Suicide comprehensive approach.

The organization’s Zero Suicide implementation team should complete the self-study, with input from staff involved in policymaking and care for patients at risk for suicide. There are a variety of ways for the implementation team to conduct the self-study, depending on the type and size of the organization.

For example, a large, multi-site organization might ask the leader of each geographic location to complete the self-study for that location. The results could inform individualized planning for each location and at the same time suggest actions that the corporate leadership may need to take.

Since each member of the implementation team will likely be the leader of a significant area of the organization, another option is to have all the team members complete the self-study. A designated team member could consolidate the ratings, which could be a starting point for a discussion of goal setting and work plan development. Alternatively, the team might complete one self-study together, coming to consensus on each item.

Accessing the Organizational Self-Study

The Zero Suicide Organizational Self-Study is available in two formats:


What is Zero Suicide?
  • PDF
Suicide Care in Systems Framework
  • Web
A #ZeroSuicide World: Interview with David Covington
  • Web
The Power of Zero: Steps Toward High Reliability Health Care
  • PDF
Suicide as a Never Event in New York State
  • Web


Quick Guide to Getting Started with Zero Suicide
  • PDF
Zero Suicide Organizational Self-Study
  • PDF
Zero Suicide Work Plan Template
  • PDF
Sample Letter to Staff Announcing Adoption of Zero Suicide Approach
  • PDF

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