Zero Suicide experts examine and explain Joint Commission’s recent National Patient Safety Goal updates.

Focusing on National Patient Safety Goals

Hear how to meet the new standards and improve the quality of your services.

The Joint Commission Podcast Series focuses on the Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goal (NPSG), updated in July 2019. Zero Suicide experts answer frequently asked questions about the NPSG and highlight how your Zero Suicide implementation will help you meet these standards.

Joint Commission Podcast Series

Joint Commission Podcast Series

About the Series

Suicide remains the 10th leading cause of death in the country and hospitals are uniquely positioned to bend this curve using evidence-based practices that work but until now have been frequently underutilized. Joint Commission's NPSG applies to all patients in organizations surveyed under the Behavioral Healthcare standards, all patients in psychiatric hospitals, any patient in a general hospital who is being treated or evaluated for a behavioral condition as their primary reason for care, and all patients who express suicidal ideation during the course of care regardless of their registration status. These requirements are designed to improve the quality and safety of care for those who are being treated for behavioral health conditions and those who are identified as high risk for suicide.

For this series, Zero Suicide experts have collected commonly encountered questions by organizations and will offer guidance and observations on how to meet the Joint Commission’s NPSG on suicide care. Health care systems and leaders design for a "zero-based" mindset by changing the culture around suicide prevention and care. While the NPSG and meeting these standards is not equivalent to adopting and implementing the full Zero Suicide framework, there is some overlap and the Zero Suicide website may provide additional information about comprehensive evidence-based suicide care.

Series Speakers

Julie Goldstein Grumet, Director of Zero Suicide Institute
  • Director, Zero Suicide Institute at Education Development Center
  • Senior Health Care Advisor at Suicide Prevention Resource Center
Brian Ahmedani, Zero Suicide Institute Faculty
  • Director, Center for Health Policy & Health Services Research, Henry Ford Health System
  • Director of Research, Department of Psychiatry, Henry Ford Health System
  • Senior Scientist, Henry Ford Health System
Ed Boudreaux, Zero Suicide Institute Faculty
  • Professor of Emergency Medicine, Psychiatry, and Quantitative Health Sciences, University of Massachusetts Medical School

Series Episodes

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