Inpatient Mental Health

Implementation Tools has created a template for Caring Contacts...

Populations and Settings

Patients admitted into a hospital or clinic for at least one overnight stay are often experiencing a period of high risk for suicidal ideation.

Videos and Podcasts

Dr. David Jobes discusses the science behind suicide-specific brief interventions. 

Videos and Podcasts

Dr. David Jobes explains the current most promising evidence-based psychological treatments for suicidal ideation.

Videos and Podcasts

Dr. Vince Watts, director of the VA Interprofessional Fellowship in Patient Safety, gives insight on the process of creating collaborative safety plans.

Videos and Podcasts

National Center for Trauma-Informed Care trainer Leah Harris discusses the many ways lived experience expertise can increase the quality of treatment and foster trust between care...

Videos and Podcasts

Lived experience expert Diana Cortez-Yanez discusses transitions through care and the supportive contacts that helped her recover.

Videos and Podcasts

Lived Experience expert Diana Cortez-Yanez relates the care she received that made a positive impact on her recovery.

Implementation Tools

The Ask Suicide-Screening Questions (ASQ) Toolkit is a free resource for medical settings (emergency...

Articles and Readings

This Joint Commission special report offers recommendations from a panel of experts regarding...


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