Zero Suicide Insights Submissions

Stories & Tips from Zero Suicide Implementers

We’re gathering Zero Suicide successes and challenges to share with the community.

As a companion to our Suicide Care Insights series, Zero Suicide Institute at EDC is creating a space on the Zero Suicide Toolkit for implementers like you to share your insights. Use this dedicated form to submit stories, tips, advice, and reflections on your Zero Suicide implementation journey.

We’ll use your insights as part of the Zero Suicide Insights collection. We may also use them to brainstorm new resources or as testimonials to help others understand the potential and impact of Zero Suicide. How you’re attributed is totally up to you. Any insight can be anonymized in part or in full. If you choose to provide your email address, we won’t publish it, we’ll just reach out with any follow up questions.

Our questions are open-ended prompts that will help us collect and categorize responses for others to view. We hope you’ll feel free to answer everything or a just few prompts today and come back later with more insights. No limits whatsoever on how many times you can submit.

We’re so excited to read and share your insights! Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your Zero Suicide implementation. We couldn't do this vital work without you.

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