The Zero Suicide Toolkit is a detailed guide to Zero Suicide implementation and strategy.

How can my system implement Zero Suicide?

The Zero Suicide Toolkit is your practical guide to systemic change.

Learn about each of the seven elements of Zero Suicide in-depth as you dive into the Zero Suicide Toolkit. Each section of the Toolkit presents the research behind one of the elements and describes how to implement that element with fidelity. Tools and videos underscore the practical transformations each element can bring to your organization's safe suicide care practices. After reading the Toolkit, find out how to adapt the framework to specific populations and settings.

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Zero Suicide Toolkit

The Zero Suicide Toolkit uses research, tools, and videos to walk implementors through putting the Zero Suicide framework into practice.

Toolkit Adaptations

Zero Suicide model for safer suicide care can be adapted to a range of health and behavioral health care systems.