Expert researchers share questions and findings about the effectiveness of the Zero Suicide approach.

What does the research say?

Clinical and academic research into Zero Suicide is developing.

Although published literature on the impact of Zero Suicide is limited, researchers are weighing in on everything from the need for suicide prevention measures in health care settings, how to achieve and measure dramatic reductions in suicide rates, and recommendations from on-going evaluations of the Zero Suicide model.

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"The Relationship Between Suicidal Behaviors and Zero Suicide Organizational Best Practices in Outpatient Mental Health Clinics" by Deborah M. Layman, et al.
This 2021 study of more than a hundred outpatient mental health clinics demonstrates the association between Zero Suicide implementation and lower suicidal behavior of patients under care. The findings highlight the usefulness of the Zero Suicide Organizational Self-Study.
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"Efficacy of the Zero Suicide Framework" by Nicolas J.C. Stapelberg, Jerneja Sveticic, Ian Hughes, Alice Almeido-Crasto

The Zero Suicide Framework, a systems approach to suicide prevention within a health service, is being implemented across Australia and internationally, although there is limited published evidence

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“Inconvenient truths in suicide prevention: Why a Restorative Just Culture should be implemented alongside a Zero Suicide Framework” by Kathryn Turner, Nicolas Stapelberg, Jerneja Sveticic and Sidney Dekker

In this paper, Kathryn Turner, Nicolas Stapelberg, Jerneja Sveticic and Sidney Dekker argue that the implementation of Zero Suicide Framework may be compromised if not supported by a substantial wo

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"Implementing a systems approach to suicide prevention in a mental health service using the Zero Suicide Framework" by Kathryn Turner, Jerneja Sveticic and Alice Almeida-Crasto

In this paper, Dr. Kathryn Turner et al.

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“Building a System of Perfect Depression Care in Behavioral Health” April 2007 C. Edward Coffey

In 2001, the Division of Behavioral Health Services of the Henry Ford Health System (Detroit) launched an initiative to completely redesign depression care delivery using the Six Aims and the Ten R

"Suicide Prevention: An Emerging Priority for Health Care" by Michael F. Hogan and Julie Goldstein Grumet

This Health Affairs article discusses suicide as a significant public health problem and makes the case that suicide care must be a core priority in health care.

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"Challenges of Population-based Measurement of Suicide Prevention Activities Across Multiple Health Systems" by Bobbi Jo H. Yarborough, Brian K. Ahmedani, et al.

Evaluation of the Zero Suicide framework is ongoing at six Health Care Systems Research Network (HCSRN) member health systems implementing Zero Suicide.