Zero Suicide model for safer suicide care can be adapted to a range of health and behavioral health care systems.

Can Zero Suicide be Adapted? 

Zero Suicide provides a solid foundation for growth.

Zero Suicide is an adaptable model appropriate for a range of health and behavioral health settings and applicable across populations. Systems implementing Zero Suicide have found success in all fifty states and internationally by considering the model through the lenses of their own care offerings and cultural considerations. 

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Toolkit Adaptations

Supplementary toolkits across care settings and special populations. 

Below you'll find the Toolkit for Indian Country, the first of what will be a series of Toolkit Adaptations. Toolkit Adaptations are designed to complement the Zero Suicide Toolkit by filtering each element through a setting- and population-specific lens. Keep an eye on the What's New page for future updates. In the meantime, check out our Populations and Settings pages, which pull together specific and relevant resources from the Resource Database in one convenient place. 


Toolkit for Indian Country

Best and Promising Practices for the Implementation of Zero Suicide in Indian Country

Toolkit for Children's Hosptials

An adaptation of Zero Suicide for Healthcare Systems Serving Children and Youth