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Addressing the Intersection of Serious Mental Illness and Suicide in Healthcare

People living with serious mental illness (SMI) are at higher risk of dying by suicide, yet there is little research about unique considerations or interventions for treating suicidal thoughts and behaviors in those diagnosed with SMI. A comprehensive, systematic approach to managing suicide risk for patients seen in health and behavioral health (HBH) organizations should include specific clinical decisions, tailored interventions, and enhanced engagement for patients with SMI. This webinar will provide an overview of the relationship between SMI and suicide, highlight some of the resources available to support health and behavioral healthcare organizations in their care for individuals with serious mental illness, as well as how to assist their loved ones.

By the end of this webinar, participants will be able to (1) describe the importance of addressing suicide risk for those with SMI in HBH organizations, (2) identify resources that are available to support suicide prevention and care for individuals with SMI and how to access these resources, and (3) list the benefits of taking a patient-centered approach to treating suicide risk and SMI that includes community, peer, family, and other supports.

David Covington, LPC, MBA
Shareh Ghani, MD
Teri Brister, PhD
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