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Caring Contacts Cards from Yakama Nation Behavioral Health Services

Yakama Nation Behavioral Health Services prepared these caring contact cards for their clients and provided them as examples for other Zero Suicide implementers. They demonstrate how caring contacts can send a message of thoughtful support.

  • Caring contact cards are a low-cost, high-reward way in which to let people who have received services in your system know you care. They are often an important way to remain connected when distance or transportation are issues.
  • Caring contact cards written both in the language(s) of the community and English honor the people receiving them and show care and concern for the cultures of the people, families, and communities being served. 
  • Cards with symbols, scenery, and images of sacred spaces create goodwill between people and families being served and the providers who wish to remain connected to them in meaningful ways.
  • Caring contact cards should be friendly, non-demand, and an invitation to engage or re-engage in services should the need arise. They "keep the door open" for reconnection if the individual has decided to step away from care.