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While behavioral health care providers in the best position to provide comprehensive care, primary care providers have more frequent opportunities to assess for suicide risk. 

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This suicide risk screening pathway from the National Institute for Mental Health's ASQ Suicide Risk…

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Dr. Virna Little, PsyD discusses the immediate and growing effects of COVID-19 as it sweeps across the country affecting individuals, families, communities, and systems at every level.

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To help close these gaps that put individuals at increased risk for suicide after a psychiatric hospitalization, the Action Alliance (…

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The Joint Commission released a revision of National Patient Safety Goal 15.01.01 in May 2019 with seven new and revised elements of performance applicable to all Joint Commission-accredited…

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The Prevention in Primary Care: A Toolkit for Primary Care Clinicians and Leaders provides information summarized for providers speaking to clients about suicide risk, including some…

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Suicide Care Pathway Coding for Primary and Behavioral Health Care presents codes applicable to a care pathway in primary and behavioral health care systems.

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In 2001, Henry Ford Behavioral Health was the first to pioneer and conceptualize “zero suicides” as a goal, and develop a care pathway to assess and modify suicide risk for patients with…

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The Joint Commission has released a new compendium of Suicide Prevention resources, Zero Suicide among them, to support the implementation of National Patient Safety Goals 15.01.01, revised…

Transition | Tools has created a template for Caring Contacts that includes a printable card redirecting recipients to the resources on their website…

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The Ask Suicide-Screening Questions (ASQ) Toolkit is a free resource for medical settings (emergency department, inpatient medical/surgical units, outpatient clinics/primary care) 

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In conversation with Julie Goldstein-Grumet, Director of the Zero Suicide Institute, three executives discuss how they implemented Zero Suicide in their hospital systems. Julie Drew, the System…

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Mike Hogan, Co-chair of the Zero Suicide Advisory Group, talks about applying the core concepts of the patient safety movement to prevent suicide.

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Screening for suicide risk is a recommended practice for primary care, hospital and emergency department care, behavioral health care, and crisis response intervention. Any person who screens…