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PDF Preview: Zero Suicide Inpatient Organizational Self-Study

The Inpatient Organizational Self-Study is designed for organizations with a primary focus on inpatient health and behavioral health care settings. These may include more intensive levels of care such as partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient programs if managed under an inpatient organizational structure.

Taking the Organizational Self-Study allows your organization or department to assess what elements of suicide safer care it currently has in place. It should be used early in the launch of a Zero Suicide initiative by a full implementation team to assess organizational strengths and weaknesses prior to developing a work plan. The Inpatient version of the Zero Suicide Organizational Self-Study can be taken on its own or as a complement to the General Organizational Self-Study.

Follow this link to the Inpatient Organizational Self-Study online portal or view a copy of the questions as a PDF by clicking on the "View Resource" link below.